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Website development


Website and marketing, a dynamic duo.

Modular website



A website system, the key to success on the web.


With a modular website system, you change the way you build and manage your website. Instead of one large entity, we build the various parts and functionalities of your website as separate modules.


This allows you to make adjustments confidently, try out new ideas, and let your website grow and flourish without having to redesign the entire system. This is the future of website development: flexible, fast, and always up-to-date!

We develop websites in HubSpot CMS

Marketing central
Thanks to the modular structure, you can easily adapt your modular website, to changing market conditions and business needs. This means you are always ready for new challenges and opportunities.


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User- friendly


Your website and marketing are inherently connected. Your marketing actions will yield no results if your website is not well-built.


Focus on fast results


We develop according to the principles of Growth-Driven Design. This allows you to have a new website very quickly. Afterward, we optimize based on the results. With a modular website, you almost eliminate the need for extensive coding.


How we approach a website project.


From strategy to launchpad website.


We develop your strategy, design a system, and build your custom HubSpot CMS theme. Subsequently, we launch your website or the initial version of your website, allowing you to focus on achieving results. Schedule a conversation, and we'll explain this in detail.


Developing your website strategy.

We develop your website strategy. Who is your target audience? What information do they need in the stages of the purchasing process? On which keywords do you want to rank?


Designing your modular website.

We design a modern and modular design. The modules, sections, and templates you need are crafted. We prioritize a mobile-first approach and ensure an optimal user experience.


Developing your unique HubSpot theme.

Our developers create your unique HubSpot theme. Once this theme is ready, you can easily create and modify pages without the need for technical expertise.


Launching your launchpad website.

We add the content so that the first version or launchpad website is ready. Once we're live, the real work begins. Attracting visitors and optimizing your website for iteratively improving your results.

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HubSpot CMS for real marketing success.


We build websites in HubSpot CMS, the rapidly growing content management system from HubSpot.


  • Easily and quickly create content with drag & drop.
  • SEO suggestions for better online visibility.
  • Integration with other HubSpot modules for marketing, sales, and customer service. ...
  • ...
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Website audit

Curious how your website is performing?

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Yvan Belmonte Cespedes
IT Project Manager, Solvay Lifelong Learning
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Ingeborg de Hoop
Marketing Manager, Qpinch
author image
Bart de Moor
Sales & Marketing Manager, The Grain
author image
Charlotte Speecke
Marketing Manager, Squidll

"Our new website launched with Koho - a fresh and efficient journey"

Our recent project migrating our website from Joomla to HubSpot's CMS module with Koho was absolutely fantastic. From the get-go, they nailed it with thorough preparation and a clear understanding of what we needed, laid out in a straightforward project plan that guaranteed a swift and transparent process. The team at Koho really impressed us with their deep insights and tailored advice, which was always spot on and timely, greatly enhancing our project. Their strong background in the education sector was particularly valuable to us. Working with June, Juaro, and Bart was a pleasure—they each brought unique expertise in visual design, technical aspects, and project management, respectively. They were not only responsive and flexible but also consistently attentive, making sure everything ran smoothly using tools like ClickUP for impeccable project management. Top choice in the digital agency space.

"Fantastic collaboration with Koho Collective."

We asked KoHo to build a new website for us, starting from scratch as there wasn't much content. KoHo did a fantastic job. In just a few months, they built a comprehensive website for us, carefully listening to and addressing our preferences and needs. The communication with June and her colleagues was always pleasant, and queries were promptly addressed. Thanks for this great collaboration; we are very happy!

"Website migration with KOHO Collective means top-quality at a very fair price."

We look back on a very pleasant and smooth transition from WordPress to HubSpot CMS. KOHO guided us through the entire process in a professional and customer-friendly manner. Now, at The Grain, we are truly able to update and expand our website regularly in a user-friendly way. I can recommend both KOHO and HubSpot CMS to anyone who wants a fully integrated website with their CRM system.

"Fantastic collaboration with KOHO."

In December 2022, we took our first steps in launching 'Squidll'. KOHO has been instrumental in helping us develop our brand experience, our website, and our entire marketing strategy. I started working as a marketer for Squidll only in mid-January, and I look back on the collaboration with KOHO with a very positive feeling. They guided me through every step of the process to get to know HubSpot, both as a marketing and CRM tool. This has opened up an entirely new world of marketing possibilities for me. We continue to work closely together. A very pleasant collaboration!

Discuss your website challenge with us?


With pleasure. Schedule a conversation, and our experts will assess the best solution for your business.

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