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Website redesign and migration from Joomla to HubSpot CMS for Solvay Lifelong Learning

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Website redesign (UX/UI).

Upgrade of the Solvay Lifelong Leaning website design with an optimization of the UX and UI.

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Custom CMS Theme

Development of a custom HubSpot CMS Theme, user-friendly for marketers.

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Content migration

Content migration support with SEO improvements and content optimization

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The challenge

Solvay Lifelong Learning


Solvay Lifelong Learning (SLL) is the best known and most trusted business school for lifelong learning in Belgium. SLL offers a wide range of lifelong learning and executive education programs, from General Management to specialized disciplines such as Leadership, Digital Transformation, Finance, Innovation, Marketing and more.


These programs are designed for young professionals as well as experienced managers and entrepreneurs, focused on personal and sustainable development.

The challenge

A website that can quickly grow with changing marketing challenges.


Solvay Lifelong Learning needs to be able to respond quickly with marketing campaigns to attract students to the right courses. For this, marketing needed a website where they are at the helm and can make quick adjustments. Because as you know "Data=key". They were already using Marketing Hub to run, measure and optimize their campaigns. But the conversion channel, the website, built in Joomla could not evolve with them. This is how you lose crucial leads as a company.


So what had to happen?


  • Increase efficiency within marketing
  • Improve appearance and user-friendliness (UX/UI)
  • Make overview for programs and training more user-friendly.
  • Improve URL structure for SEO
  • Optimize content structure
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Improve integration between website and CRM
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The solution

Development of a modular website where marketing is in the driving seat.

Unlike Joomla, HubSpot CMS is a system where marketing can quickly modify content, set up A/B tests and much more, without the intervention of developers. In addition, Solvay has been a happy customer of Marketing Hub for a while now. So it's a no brainer to develop your website in the same system.


Time for a change. Their website had to be migrated from the traditional Joomla to the modern HubSpot CMS, part of Content Hub.


It had to have the following functionalities:

Group 10
Be able to manage content quickly & easily
Group 11
User-friendly overview for training and events
Group 12
Setting up A/B testing of website pages
Group 13
Simple drag and drop editor
Group 14
SEO Recommendations
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Optimizing lead generation
The implementation

Flexible modules & saved sections


The website consists of flexible modules and saved sections. This means that these modules and saved sections can be used throughout your website on different pages. Each time they can be easily adjusted with the drag & drop editor.

Use cases

Some specific use cases for Solvay Lifelong Learning

Manage events centrally

To easily manage events, we made sure that events such as info sessions on the program pages are automatically added when that event is linked to a particular program in the CRM system.

Centralize program details

We made sure that structured data or CRM data of a programs is automatically updated in the website. For example, when the cost of training is updated in CRM, it is automatically updated in the website.

Managing alumni reviews

For alumni reviews, we have ensured that they can be managed centrally. Based on tags or linked programs, they are automatically displayed on the appropriate website pages.

Our new website launched with Koho - a fresh and efficient journey

Our recent project migrating our website from Joomla to HubSpot's CMS module with Koho was absolutely fantastic. From the get-go, they nailed it with thorough preparation and a clear understanding of what we needed, laid out in a straightforward project plan that guaranteed a swift and transparent process. The team at Koho really impressed us with their deep insights and tailored advice, which was always spot on and timely, greatly enhancing our project. Their strong background in the education sector was particularly valuable to us. Working with June, Juaro, and Bart was a pleasure-they each brought unique expertise in visual design, technical aspects, and project management, respectively. They were not only responsive and flexible but also consistently attentive, making sure everything ran smoothly using tools like ClickUP for impeccable project management. If you are looking for a digital agency for your CRM needs on HubSpot, look no further than Koho! Highly recommended for anyone aiming to enhance their digital platforms. Top choice in the digital agency space.

Belmonte Cespedes, Y.,
Solvay Lifelong Learning
Koho's approach

From strategy to launchpad website.


We developed a strategy for Solvay Lifelong Learning that we translated into a launchpad website. This is the first version of a new website that you then continuously expand and optimize according to the principles of growth-driven design.

SLL koho steps

Group 10

Strategy Elaboration

The ultimate goal of a website is to improve your business results. Together with the team at Solvay, we identified all the challenges. Ranging from increasing efficiency for the marketing team and SEO optimization to optimizing the user experience (UX) and lead generation

Group 11

Solvay Lifelong Learning in a new look

We developed a design style tile for Solvay, you can think of this as a mood board with different styles for the website. After the final design direction was chosen, we developed all the building blocks of the website in a modular design system. The design was designed mobile first with a big focus on usability (UX).

Group 12

Development of a customized theme

Our development team translated the design into a user-friendly custom HubSpot CMS theme. Solvay's content marketers can now easily create new pages, adjust content structure and set up A/B tests without any technical knowledge. This allows them to move much faster with their campaigns and insights from analytics.

Group 13

Migration and integration of original content and tools

More than 500 existing website pages were migrated from Joomla to HubSpot in 2 languages each time.

Group 14

SEO impact optimization and redirect plan creation

We worked out a clear url migration plan to transfer the old urls to the new optimized structure, so no SEO value was lost. In addition, the navigation structure was simplified for visitors and search engines and the content was optimized for SEO.


HubSpot CMS, for true marketing success.


We support you in your marketing strategy and develop websites in HubSpot CMS.HubSpot's fast-growing content managementsystem.


  • Easy and fast content creation with drag & drop editor
  • SEO suggestions to be found better online
  • Other tools like smart content, A/B testing, marketing automation and much more
  • Integration with other HubSpot modules for marketing, sales & customer service

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