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Content Hub
,create and manage content effortlessly.

With Content Hub from HubSpot, an AI-infused software,marketers create and manage all their content efficiently under one roof. It is the solution for marketers who need to create more and more high-quality content, in different formats for more and more channels.

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Content Hub

Content creation for a more challenging marketing landscape.


The role of content has evolved significantly. Modern marketers are faced with the need to create more content than ever, personalise it and deliver it in a variety of formats. This creates challenges such as limited reach online due to lack of content. And a lack of time to create all that content. In addition, reporting these results can be challenging when content is scattered across different tools.

Content Hub

The solution to your

marketing challenges.


With content hub, you respond to all of these challenges. Create content quickly, supported by tools such as Content Remix, AI Blog Writers, and more. With the linked CMS, marketing can easily adapt the website to new trends at any time. Improve your SEO with the built-in tool. Having everything centralized in one system also makes reporting a whole lot easier. Goodbye chaos!

  • Content Remix
  • Brand voice
  • AI blog writer
  • Analytics and reporting
  • HubSpot AI
  • Integrated CMS
  • SEO recommendations
  • Embed your content anywhere (like Wordpress)
Content remix

Create content faster and better than ever with these features:


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AI-powered content creation


Built-in AI tools help you work smarter by automating tasks. Whether it's content creation through the "content Remix," streamlining workflows or helping with data analysis, HubSpot's AI tools allow you to focus on what really matters.


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Lead capture tools


Easily set up forms and CTAs and link them to your website pages. With the built-in CRM, collect all the data from these interactions. Similarly, create segmented lists to target your campaigns.



Video and podcast hosting


Record videos or create a podcast, and add them anywhere on your website. When creating a podcast episode, you can either upload your own pre-recorded audio files or use AI-created audio .

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A/B testing


A/B testing lets you test two versions of a page on the same URL to see which one works better. Visitors are divided so that half see one version and the other half see the alternate version. You compare performance and then choose the winning version that stays live.



SEO recommendations


HubSpot's SEO tools give you recommendations to optimize keywords on your site. See exactly which pages need updating, what actions to take and see how your site ranking improves.



Content remix


HubSpot's content repurposing tool transforms your existing content from e.g. a blog into new content such as social media, blogs, images and email podcasts. This allows you to focus on what really matters.


HubSpot Gold Partner

HubSpot CMS

HubSpot CMS

HubSpot CMS as part of Content hub

Make your website modular with HubSpot CMS, which is now part of Content Hub. Easily manage and create your website within HubSpot with the handy drag-and-drop tool. It's all linked to your CRM, so you can easily generate leads through your website and convert them into customers. All in one place.

HubSpot grows with you.

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Start from €23/month


  • Website pages
  • Landing pages
  • Forms
  • AI blog
  • AI assistants

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Start from €471/month


  • Brand voice
  • Custom reporting
  • Smart content
  • A/B testing
  • Podcasts
  • AI translation
  • Content remix

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Start from €1470/month


  • All tools from pro
  • Track changes
  • Custom objects
  • Multiple domains
  • Content approvals
  • Organize users

Working with a HubSpot Solutions Partner?


Working with a HubSpot solutions partner, such as Koho Collective, offers significant benefits to your business.
Top 100 global software companies

Results-oriented approach

With Koho, you can count on a results-oriented approach. Together with you, we set measurable goals, support performance analysis and adjust your strategies to ensure that you achieve the predefined results and get the most out of the platform.

Ongoing support


Koho supports you not only during the initial implementation, but also afterwards. We stay involved in your growth and help implement updated strategies or ideas as needed.
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Optimal integrations


Koho helps you integrate your current tools into HubSpot. In doing so, our expertise ensures seamless intergration, efficient workflow and optimized processes.
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Customer case : Solvay Lifelong Learning

A website that can

grow with changing marketing challenges.


We migrated Solvay Lifelong Learning's website to HubSpot CMS. They had been using HubSpot as their CRM and marketing package for several years. Now that the website is also integrated within HubSpot, marketing can switch much faster with the website content, based on data in HubSpot, the website can now be continuously improved and marketing has the ability to work out personalized content.
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Is Content Hub right for you?

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