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Work at Koho Collective

Open job positions

HubSpot CRM Consultant

  • Full-time / permanent
  • Antwerp / hybrid
  • Junior / medior
  • Dutch & English

Performance Marketer

  • Full-time / permanent
  • Antwerp / hybrid
  • Medior / senior
  • Dutch & English & (French)

Spontaneous Application

Do you have a passion for HubSpot and feel a connection with us? Apply spontaneously. We would love to hear your story.


At Koho Collective, 'Talent' and 'Drive' are central. You are given the time to gain experience, work on your personal development, and contribute to the company's growth. Together as a team, we build and operate result-oriented sales and marketing machines within HubSpot for B2B companies.

The hiring process


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Application and pre-selection

Submit your application in our digital mailbox, where you can tell us about your work experience and skills. We'll conduct an initial check to see if your profile aligns with the job.
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Interviews and Assessments

If your application brings a smile to our faces, we'll invite you for an interview. This can be face-to-face or conveniently online. We want to know more about you, assess your skills, and gauge how well you fit in with the rest of the team. Sometimes, we may challenge you with a small task to see your skills in action!
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Final Selection and Reference Check

If you reach the top, congratulations! We'll give your previous colleagues a call to hear if you're truly as fantastic as you seem. Don't worry, it's just a friendly chat to double-check.
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Welkom at Koho Collective!

Do you have the golden ticket? You'll receive an official offer with all the details. Once you say 'YES!,' we begin the onboarding process. You'll receive all the information, tools, and training you need to seamlessly integrate into Koho Collective and your new role.

Reasons why you want to work at Koho


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Not everyone is a 9-to-5 person. Are you an early bird or more of a night owl? No problem, as long as your work is done, we are open to flexible hours.
Open communication
Communication is key. Not only towards the customer but also towards your colleagues. Everything is open for discussion; nothing is too crazy.
Digital experts
A young dynamic team of digital experts. Each for themselves? Certainly not! Sharing knowledge equals growing together.
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It is never too late to learn. At Koho, you have the opportunity to take courses and develop yourself.
Challenging clients & projects
 We embrace challenges with passion. Our projects challenge us, and our clients inspire us.
Succes is celebrated
Project successfully landed? Or 2 years in service? Success is celebrated with and for each other. We do this through team-building activities and outings.


Office in Antwerp


Koho Collective's office is located at Amerikalei 200 bus 1. A cozy office in the vibrant Antwerp South.

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Become our new colleague!