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7 Reasons to Build Your Website in HubSpot CMS

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by June van der Weyden

HubSpot CMS combines a website with the power of CRM & marketing automation. Discover where new leads originate, empower marketing with the tools to nurture them further, ensuring they are handed over to sales at the opportune moment.

HubSpot CMS helps marketers set up a website system that grows with you and your customers. Not just a website, but a website system.

1. A website system for your blog, website, and landing pages.

You develop the various building blocks or modular components in HubSpot CMS once, allowing you to then independently construct any possible website page or landing page without the need for your web agency. As a marketer, this enables you to quickly respond to new content, website adjustments, and the setup of campaigns, as well as the publishing of blog posts.making a page

2. Optimise your content with A/B testing

Quickly create a variant of your website page with A/B testing and test which message leads to the most conversions or determine the best order of content on the page for your visitors. HubSpot randomly displays the two variants to visitors and shows you which version performs the best.

3. Personalise content with "Smart Content

And it goes a step further. You can even personalise content based on data you have about your visitors. Is the visitor at the beginning of the purchasing process? Show a different message than you would to existing customers. Or adjust the photos on a page based on the industry in which a lead works. This way, you can provide your visitors with a tailored experience. While this is standard practice for many large B2C companies today, it's more of an exception for B2B companies.

4. Your website and CRM in one.

With HubSpot CMS, a free CRM functionality comes standard to track and follow up with your contacts and companies. When combined with, for example, Marketing Hub Starter, you can send emails to contacts who filled out a form. You can gradually add different modules of HubSpot so that your entire marketing, sales, and service processes are within the same tool, providing a unified experience for your customers. Sales, marketing, and service employees then have the same view of every interaction with the customer, from a website visit and sales conversation to interaction with an advertisement and a submitted complaint.

5. Set up a live chat in less than 5 minutes.

Give your visitors, prospects, and customers the ability to quickly contact you via chat. With HubSpot's built-in live chat, you can easily add this functionality to your website. Incoming messages can be centrally received and tracked with the conversation inbox. You can also ask a different question per page. And if you go a step further, you can turn this into a real chatbot by setting up chatflows.Livechat Hubspot CMS

6. Create topic clusters for a successful content marketing strategy.

Zorg voor een goed resultaat in de zoekmachines met topic clusters. Een manier om bepaalde domeinen binnen de markt te claimen. Maak een centrale pagina (of pillar page) over een onderwerp aan en link hier verschillende blog berichten naar toe voor een zo goed mogelijk resultaat rond een thema. Ontdek via welke onderwerpen je de meeste leads en klanten genereert en optimaliseer je marketing inspanningen op basis van deze inzichten. 

7. Set up multilingual content easily.

Do you operate internationally and need language or country variants of your website? Quickly establish a multilingual version of your website and allow your translation agency to work directly in HubSpot. Want to customize the content of your website for certain countries? It's entirely possible that your products or services may look different in different countries. With HubSpot CMS, you can easily adjust the content for each country.


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