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All about HubSpot's new pricing model

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by Mathilde Vanelsacker
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On March 5, 2024, HubSpot will launch a new pricing structure that simplifies buying and using the HubSpot platform.

These changes reflect HubSpot's ongoing evolution and their commitment to providing businesses with powerful and easy-to-use technology. Explore HubSpot's recent pricing changes and discover how they may impact your business.

Why is HubSpot having a pricing update?

HubSpot decided to have a price update to keep pace with the evolving needs of its customers and to continue to improve its products and services.

Since its launch in 2006, HubSpot has evolved from a single app to a suite of different hubs. To date, they are the leader in AI-powered customer platform trusted by more than 190,000 businesses. A simple vision has led to this evolution: to help organizations grow with powerful, easy-to-use technology.

With this in mind, HubSpot is announcing the following changes to their pricing that reflect this evolution.

What are the key changes to the pricing structure?

The new pricing model is based on a seat-based pricing model for all Hubs and subscription levels - Starter, Professional and Enterprise. With this change, they are removing the minimum seats for Sales Hub and Service Hub and introducing the'Core Seat' and'View-Only Seat'. So there will still be free 'seats' however these will become view only. They will not be able to make any changes to the account.






View only seats

Gratis, onbeperkte seats 'view only' dus zonder bewerkingstoegang. Perfect voor sales ops, of een CEO die gewoon een overzicht of rapporten nodig hebben. Ook ideaal voor degenen die gegevens moeten analyseren of informatie moeten exporteren vanuit HubSpot.



Core seats

Deze seats zijn voor diegenen die toegang tot bewerkingen nodig hebben. Denk aan marketingmanagers en operationele teams. De meeste teamleden, behalve die van verkoop en klantenservice zullen deze seats gebruiken.

Sales & MarketingV2


Sales en service seats

Deze zijn voor sales (managers) en service agents (managers). Deze seats zijn belangrijk voor iedereen die zich bezig moet houden met verkoop- en servicefuncties. Deze omvatten alle functies van de core seats en extra sales en service features. 

Meer info

Wil je graag nog meer info over HubSpot's nieuwe seat pricing strategie? 

Exactly which seat do you need?


Situation 1

I am a marketer who approves and sends marketing emails, views website analytics and updates our web pages.

This user needs a Core Seat . Although viewing website analysis can be accomplished with a View-Only Seat, most of their tasks require a Core Seat.


Situation 2

I am the Chief Financial Officer. I regularly review our key business KPIs, including lead conversion rates, deal closing rates and NPS.

This user needs a View-Only Seat . They have no need to edit data or settings in HubSpot, they just need to be able to log in and find important reports and dashboards.


Situation 3

I am a support engineer who manages incoming web, phone and chat tickets. My job includes communicating directly with customers through those channels to help them resolve their issue.

This user needs a Service Seat to make phone calls and send direct emails to their customers.


Situation 4

I am a Sales Operations Analyst. Although I don't use them myself, I need to create and manage the playbooks and email templates that our reps use for prospecting.

This user needs a Sales Seat. Although their role is primarily focused on management and reporting, their need requires creating sales tools that are only available with a Sales Seat.

How will this new pricing model impact existing users?

If you are a current HubSpot customer, your billing will not change on March 5 , 2024. The new pricing model will apply to new customers who purchase HubSpot on March 5 or after.

Only later will HubSpot migrate existing customers to the new pricing model. But don't panic, we will be sure to notify you of this in a timely manner. This will only be for later this year.

HubSpot's goal with this shift is to make it fair for existing customers. This means a few things:

  • Your price will remain the same during your current term and will not change before your renewal date.
  • You will get a certain number of"core seats" for free and based on the number of active users in your portal.
  • The billing change will not disrupt anything in your portal.

In short, existing HubSpot customers should see no changes in billing or portals after March 5. The new pricing model is a definite shift, but one that should be beneficial to most businesses. This new model means you will only pay for the people you really need, without sacrificing access rights in your portal.


“This change will bridge the gap between starter and pro and drive more pro plus adoption and upgrades.”
Yamini Rangan,
CEO HubSpot

Professional and Enterprise Pricing:

  • Marketing Hub Professional: Includes 3 Core Seats.
  • CMS Hub Professional: Includes 3 Core Seats.
  • Operations Hub Professional: Includes 1 Core Seat.
  • Sales Hub Professional and Service Hub Professional: Priced per seat.
  • CRM Suite Professional: Includes 3 Core Seats, 1 Sales Seat, and 1 Service Seat.
  • Marketing Hub Enterprise: Includes 5 Core Seats.

What benefits does HubSpot's pricing update offer to (new) users?

For new users, HubSpot's pricing update offers the opportunity to take advantage of the latest features and enhancements at a more competitive price. New users can take advantage of attractive entry-level packages and pricing options designed to meet different needs and encourage growth.

  1. Start free and grow with no minimum seat requirement. Start with five free users with the Free edition. With the Starter edition, HubSpot introduces one type of seat: the Core Seat.
  2. Pay as you grow. Because of this flexible pricing model where the former Sales Hub and Service Hub seat minimums of 5 seats no longer apply. In their place are the new View-Only Seats for employees who don't really need to edit.
  3. Connect your whole team. With "Core Seats," teams connect through HubSpot's Smart CRM (i.e.combining customer data with AI), unifying customer journey insights across all departments.

Still have questions about this new pricing model?

Read more about HubSpot's new pricing here.

Or would you like to learn more about how the new pricing structure will impact your business? Are you also interested in working with HubSpot? Then don't hesitate to get in touch. Contact us and find out how HubSpot can help your business grow!


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