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Website development: a website system vs. a website

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by June van der Weyden
A new website, you invest a lot of time and energy, but the results are not forthcoming. As a marketer, you can make some content adjustments, but for real structural changes, you need developers. Your marketing evolves, but your website remains stagnant.

Why invest in social posts, setting up mailings, and advertisements if you don't have a good website? Your website is the crucial link in your customer's purchasing process. Look at yourself for a moment. What steps do you take when you're looking for something? You grab your phone or computer and start searching. Yet, we see that most companies give their website a facelift every few years and tweak the structure a bit but then don't touch it.

Don't consider your website just as an online product catalog but use it as a crucial link in your customer's buying process. Give your website enough attention; only then will you see results.


In this article:
  • The headaches surrounding websites today?
  • What is a website system?
  • Difference with a traditional website.
  • Marketing first for a successful website
  • How to choose the right CMS system?

Your website, the crucial link in the customer's buying process.

Your website is the beating heart of your marketing activities. It's the first place people go to find more information about your products or services. By developing the right content, you attract visitors to your website and ensure that they convert.

But as important as content is, most websites are not built to quickly adapt to it and optimise your website properly.

A new website, nothing but headaches.

Often, a new website is intimidating. Not only is it a significant additional cost for management, but for marketers, it takes up a large part of their time. Discover some reasons why you get headaches from a traditional website project.

Some causes listed:

  • You have to invest without a guarantee of results. Website projects quickly cost €20,000 - €60,000, a significant portion of the total marketing budget. But whether it works, you don't know yet.
  • You invest a lot of time and energy, but everything decided in the workshops is only assumptions from a few people.
  • Often, you start from a redesign and restructure products and services but forget about marketing. The problems are encountered later.
  • A long process, with a lot of stress and budgets escalating for work outside the scope. That's not very motivating.
  • The website is live, the budget is spent, other projects take priority, and the results are not forthcoming. After a few years, the whole process starts again.

The solution: a website system. 

What is a website sytem? 

A website system is a modular system for your website. Instead of creating a rigid structure of pages, we develop building blocks so that you can build pages yourself and change their structure. This allows you to keep your website up-to-date and let it evolve with your company and marketing strategy.

What is the major difference from a traditional website?

The biggest difference is the connection with marketing. In a traditional website, the structure is rigid, making it challenging to quickly adjust your content and structure when needed for marketing. With a website system, we start from your marketing needs.


Traditional Website


Developers in the driving seat


Significant upfront investment


Based on assumptions


Marketing not aligned


Go live and forget


Website system


Marketeers in the driving seat


Budget spread over time


Based on real data


Linked to marketing


Quick to go live and optimize

Marketing first, for a succesful website. 

Always start a website project from your marketing strategy. What are your goals, who is your ideal customer, how do they search online, and what information are they looking for? When you map all of that out, the content on your website is truly tailored to your target audience, and you have a website in line with your strategy.

How we set up a website system?

When the first version or launchpad of your website is ready, that's just the beginning. You focus on attracting visitors, assess whether the content on your website leads to conversions, and based on insights and data, you adjust and optimise your website and strategy.

Choosing the right CMS for your website system. 

A CMS or Content Management System is the backend of your website that allows you to manage your content. When setting up a website system, it's crucial to choose the right CMS, one where marketing is at the steering wheel. Discover what to look for when choosing a CMS.


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