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The HubSpot revolution of marketing AI.

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by Mathilde Vanelsacker

AI can no longer be ignored in our society. But what is the impact on the marketing industry? How can marketers best deploy AI and what is HubSpot's role in this? You can read all about it in this article.

What is AI in marketing?

AI is part of our daily lives. But what exactly is it and how is it used in marketing? We'll explain.

In digital marketing, "Artificial intelligence" is used to plan, execute or optimize various marketing activities. AI marketing focuses on improving your marketing performance, efficiency and cost savings of your business.

As a marketer, you sometimes face tight deadlines. Imagine, you still need to launch a campaign, write 2 blogs and create 2 social media posts by tomorrow. Fortunately, AI can lend a hand! Let the HubSpot blog generator create your blog outline and ask the social media post generator to come up with catchy captions for your posts. Then schedule them at the suggested time based on AI in HubSpot. That way, half the work is already done!

Don't forget to add your personal touch and you'll meet your deadline with no problem. Want to track the results of these activities afterwards? No problem, with the AI tool in reporting you can quickly understand the results and analyze them directly.

So, there are plenty of tools that can help you run your marketing activities more efficiently. They can even help you reach your target audience more personally using data.


Over 85% of marketers and sales professionals agree that AI enhances content quality and prospecting efforts."

The pros and cons of AI in marketing

Developments in the field of AI have been tremendously rapid recently. This technology offers many advantages, but also comes with some disadvantages. So it is important to use your own knowledge and common sense to remain critical and carefully consider the possibilities of AI.


  • Difficulty understanding large data sets? Most digital marketing tools offer analytics, but marketers often have to export and aggregate data from different platforms to get an overall picture. AI can collect and search large amounts of data from various marketing platforms and summarize the findings. Learn how to use AI and automation in a course from HubSpot Academy here.
  • Personalization & tailoring- This means AI can change your customer's experience based on their online behavior or via whether or not they fill out a form. An example? Say you sell shoes in your online store. AI analyzes the online behavior of a visitor who has expressed interest in athletic shoes. Then you show a personalized ad with the sneakers viewed and other relevant athletic shoes. The probability of purchase increases because the ad perfectly matches the visitor's needs.
  • Efficiency & automation. AI in HubSpot allows content creators to generate content automatically, allowing them to focus on new ideas and strategies, while AI takes care of the more repetitive tasks. Producing more content means, more visibility and greater reach.
  • Real-time analytics. Because everything is directly connected in HubSpot CRM, it is even possible to have certain reports generated in HubSpot. For example, you can ask: Which marketing efforts generated the most sales last month?


  • Overly robotic and superficial writing style. Although AI can automate many marketing tasks, it still lacks that human and creative aspect. In addition, the laws surrounding copyright and AI still remain a gray area.
  • Built-in bias and inaccuracies. The effectiveness of algorithms depends heavily on the quality of the training data. It is important to ensure that the data used to develop AI models is diverse, representative and free of patterns.
  • Multilingual aspect. English still remains the dominant language, even in the world of AI. It is noticeable that all these tools perform better in English. For example, when you ask them to generate texts in Dutch, you often notice that they are more superficial than in English. Also, pronunciation in audio can sometimes seem a bit comical. Fortunately, AI is constantly evolving so we believe this will definitely improve in the future.
  • Some tools are still in beta version and are not yet performing optimally. Although tools like HubSpot ChatSpot are already delivering impressive performance. Such as creating a blog article from a video, generating images for a social media post and writing email marketing copy, they still lack some depth in the texts and the images are not quite up to the level of an experienced content creator.

AI for content creators in HubSpot Marketing Hub

Sometimes it can be challenging for content creators to generate a continuous flow of new ideas. Using HubSpot's AI capabilities, say goodbye to that writer's block and be inspired by AI suggestions.

AI for content creators in HubSpot provides the ability to automatically generate content such as blog posts, emails and social media updates. This not only saves time, but also ensures a continuous flow of creativity. By using AI in HubSpot, you as a content creator can focus on coming up with innovative ideas and strategies, while AI takes care of the efficient execution and guidelines. This is how you combine the power of technology with your creativity.Win-win situation right?

Reduce your blog writing time with HubSpot AI

Need inspiration for your next blog post? Let AI give you a boost! In HubSpot, it is possible to have (an entire) blog written by AI. Of course, you will still have to add your own expertise and knowledge about the topic.

How exactly does this work? Go to blogs in HubSpot and click on "Generate blog post." Then fill in an outline with your expectations for the blog. AI will then suggest some titles, where you can still make some adjustments. Great, because the titles also take SEO into account. Then click ahead and voila, within less than 5 minutes you have the outline for your new blog post!



Would you like to share your new blog on social media? Let AI help you with that too.

  • Navigate to the blog post overview in HubSpot
  • Select the blog you want to create a post about
  • Click on'promote' <'create social post'
  • Then click the AI icon in the text box and enter your prompts

There you go! This is how you make sure your blog gets the attention it deserves.

Create new content with AI

Start a conversation with AI and get a jump start on writing your blog. Start with a "/" and AI will ask what you need. Choose from a paragraph, a summary, ideas or a conclusion. Then add your own unique touch for a more personal touch.

Being able to write content faster using AI gives you time to offer more and better content. This time savings also allows you to craft better segmented content for your target audiences. Generate content with AI

Write attractive meta descriptions

Ask AI to also generate meta descriptions for your blog, website pages or landing pages. These texts are automatically adapted based on the content of your pages and are optimized for SEO. So that your content is more findable online.

Keep in mind that the AI currently does not yet take into account the optimal number of characters. Therefore, always check carefully before publishing your message.Metadiscription AI

Automate your email text with AI

HubSpot AI in email marketing allows you to send personalized emails based on customer behavior and preferences. This makes your recipients feel more engaged and more likely to respond to your email.

For example, AI for emails can be used for standard email campaigns that are sent automatically, such as in an automated workflow. This allows you to focus more on the strategy behind your email, rather than dealing with the drafting of the message itself.

Whether you're drafting a sales email or working on an email campaign, HubSpot's AI email generator can help. You can use this software in both Marketing and Sales Hub, making it easy to draft, send and analyze your email ins.

No inspiration for a catchy title? You can start using the AI tool for this as well. These titles are based on the text in your email.

Keep in mind that the tool currently works even better in English than in Dutch.

Personalizing emails with HubSpot ai email writer

Create reports using AI

One of the more recent developments in HubSpot AI is the "single object reporting tool" with AI. This allows you to create reports in seconds! For example, you can ask which content generated the most engagement last month. Afterwards, it is still possible to fully customize this report.

AI in reporting 1

Note: this tool is still in Beta version.

Write more content with less effort

Nice social media captions for your posts in less than a minute! Yes it is possible! The 'caption generator' generates a prompt for your post. Do you prefer a professional tone or can it be more playful? The choice is yours. Of course, don't forget to add your personal touch.Social-caption-generator-header

Have your blog read aloud with AI

Don't want to read long texts? Or do you want to make your website more accessible to everyone? Now add a 'text-to-speech' element to your blog. This will automatically generate a module that reads out your blog thanks to AI technology. This beta feature converts the text of your blog post into audio, where you can choose from different voices. This is how you make your content come alive!

Note: don't forget to update your blog template to use the audio module.
Post narration AI

Image generation via ChatSpot

Need a quick image to make your post more appealing? Then be sure to test the image generator via ChatSpot.

It works as follows.Enter what your image should be about for example "create an image with mountains snowy in the evening sun".

It is important at this point to be very specific about what you expect AI to generate. Vague instructions, such as creating an image with "AI in HubSpot marketing," will result in poorer results. If you ask to create an image with "a marketer sitting at a computer and busy writing a blog," you will get better results.

From our experience, we note that image generation via AI is not yet optimal. Often the generated images are blurred or missing certain details. While it currently works well for simple requests such as landscapes, more complex requests are still in the future.

AI translations for multilingual content

With the new feature within Content Hub in HubSpot, translating your website pages now becomes a piece of cake! Thanks to the AI functionality, it is possible to translate your pages into different languages in just a few clicks.

A small note is that currently only 'rich text' is translated and other modules are still excluded. This tool is a fantastic addition that makes creating and managing multilingual content much easier. What a breath of fresh air!

Set your own brand voice

Would you like to use AI for your texts but sometimes think it sounds too robotic? Now, with the new feature "Brand Voice" in Content hub, you can have your texts generated so it looks like they were written specifically from your brand. HubSpot's Content Assistant lets you easily generate text that sounds like your own "brand voice" your blogs, emails, social media and more.

Here's how it works. Upload your existing content to define your "Brand Voice. The AI-powered assistant analyzes it and creates a summary that captures your unique style and tone. Once your 'Brand Voice' is set, writing content in your desired style becomes much easier. Use slash and highlight commands or the handy "Apply brand voice" feature to easily edit and stay consistent.

Content Remix for even more content

Give your content a new twist with different formats. HubSpot's Content Remix feature makes this easy without sacrificing quality and consistency. For example, choose an existing piece of content such as a blog and let HubSpot give you suggestions for other formats. You get templates to present your content to a wider audience, spark conversations, come up with blog ideas, or expand your content reach.

For example, we used our blog about about about the new Content Hub to create email, social media and follow-up blog content. Great right?

The image generator is not fully functioning at the moment, but we look forward to further improvements in the future. Right now, we sometimes use it for inspiration.

Koho Content Remix voorbeeld

Expand your audience with Podcasts

Podcasts continue to be popular. People often use it as an educational tool to learn new things in a relaxing way. HubSpot's Content Hub has also capitalized on this and you can now create podcasts!

To create a podcast episode with AI audio, you can "Generate audio from text" or choose your pre-recorded audio as the source for your podcast. That way you can add text and choose a voice that fits your brand. Note that even here the text in Dutch does not sound optimal yet so you better test this with an English version.

The number of podcasts and episodes you can create depends on your Content Hub subscription:

  • With the Pro subscription you can create up to 5 podcast shows. With each account max 1000 episodes.
  • For the Enterprise subscription , you can create up to 50 podcast shows. With each account max 1000 episodes.


The Future

The future of AI as a marketer promises further improvements in generating relevant content for your target audiences. As AI continues to evolve, it will get better and better at understanding the nuances of human language and delivering more relevant content.

The ongoing developments will help us as marketers become even more personalized and effective. While AI can be a helpful guide in challenging moments, it is still essential to add your own unique stamp. AI cannot yet offer specific expertise, so adding your own value and knowledge should definitely not be missed!

We are already looking forward to the further evolution of AI in marketing! Would you like to learn more about the AI capabilities in HubSpot? Request your demo!



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