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CMS Hub becomes Content Hub. Everything you need to know.

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by Mathilde Vanelsacker

In this blog post, we dive deeper into the launch of Content Hub within HubSpot. We'll look at the key benefits, features and pricing, and review what exactly is changing for CMS Hub users.

Why is CMS Hub changing to Content Hub in HubSpot?

The change from CMS Hub to Content Hub in HubSpot is a strategic move for marketers. HubSpot has listened to its marketers and started from their pain points.

One of the main pain points for marketers is that all their tools are scattered and they lose track. Today, they are expected to produce large volumes of content at the speed of light in order to keep up with the latest trends. This content has to demonstrate their expertise, be available in different formats and be continuously updated. Quite a bread and butter, in other words.

The change from CMS Hub to Content Hub in HubSpot is a strategic move to focus more on content creation and management. Content Hub offers advanced tools and functionalities specifically designed to help companies centralize, organize and distribute their content all supported by AI.

Content hub is an all-in-one, AI-supported content marketing software that helps marketers create and manage content that supports the entire customer journey.


What will change with the new Content Hub?

  1. One of the major changes taking place is that CMS Hub is now part of the new Content Hub. HubSpot will no longer reference CMS Hub and current website tools will now be found as tools within Content Hub.
  2. This integration brings website management, content tools, AI tools and more together under one roof. This will make it easier for marketers to create even more content and track data.
  3. What will change for current HubSpot users using CMS Hub? For existing CMS Hub customers, nothing will change with the launch of Content Hub. If you currently have CMS Hub and want to continue using it, you can renew your CMS Hub subscription, but will not have the new Content Hub features. If you do want the new features, you can upgrade to the new Content Hub for a small additional cost.
  4. Landing pages and blogs will now be found in Content Hub and no longer in Marketing Hub.

New features for CMS* New features for Content Hub**

Gated content library

Content Remix

Basic blog post generator

Brand Voice

AI website builder


AI picture generator

Content embeds

Blog post narration

AI content translation

Gated blogs

Custom blog post generator

* Current CMS hub customers will continue to have access to all current + new CMS features.

** CMS hub customers must upgrade to Content hub for the new content hub features

With these changes, HubSpot addresses the current pain points of content marketing by offering an all-in-one solution for optimizing content creation and management.

New features within Content Hub

Content Hub introduces several new features that make managing and managing content even easier. Thus, a distinction is made between features for content creation and features for content management. Some of these features are:

New features for content creation:

  • Content repurposing tool or HubSpot's Content Remix is a new tool that helps you create more content even easier. Have a great blog but also want to share it in a social post, image, podcast,...? You can!
  • Create your own podcasts. Write them yourself or have them generated using AI. New content, new audience!
  • Brand voice tool. Using a consistent "brand voice" across all channels is important for building trust and recognition. Thus, you define your own "brand voice" which is then integrated into the AI tool. This allows you to apply your unique tone of voice consistently across all channels.

New features for content management:

  • Video management right in Content Hub. This way your videos are in the same place as your content, making it easy to integrate them into content. You can add your own forms or CTAs. By centralizing this, you can also view reports on your video views to analyze what best suits your target audience.
  • Memberships & gated content. With these tools, you can engage your audience with exclusive content and generate high-quality leads through the memberships and gated content features. You can also use the content library to offer exclusive digital assets.Like, for example, requesting certain data for exclusive audio, video, PDFs and more.

Content hub vs Marketing Hub features


Content Hub only Shared features Marketing Hub only


(Smart) forms

Smart content for marketing emails

Landing pages

(Smart) CTAs

A/B testing for marketing emails

Smart content for pages

SEO recommendations and analytics

User rights for blog, pages, forms and CTAs

A/B testing in pages

Google search console integration

User rights for email

Content approval

Content strategy

Free version of blog and landing page

User rights for blog pages, forms and CTAs

Video hosting and management


Multilingual content creation based on AI

Website analytics



Benefits of the new Content Hub

The new Content Hub offers several benefits.Create personalized content throughout the customer journey. Save time and increase your team efficiency with all your content creation and marketing tools in one place.

  1. Create personalized content experiences throughout the customer journey.
  2. AI tools that can extend and reuse your content across multiple channels.
  3. Save time and increase your team's efficiency with all content creation and marketing tools under one roof . From easy-to-use tools for managing content to convenient reporting capabilities for management.

By centralizing your content creation and distribution tools on one platform, you can ensure that your marketing activities are consistent and well aligned. This contributes to a better brand message and increased customer engagement.

Vergelijking cms hub en content hub

Pricing of the Content Hub

With the three pricing types that cater to different needs, you can choose the option that best suits your goals and budget.

Pricing Content Hub

Marketing Plus Bundle

In addition to the above standard pricing categories, HubSpot also offers the Marketing+ Bundle. This is useful if, for example, you are already using CMS hub and would like to upgrade to Content Hub's new features as well. It is a low-cost package that combines Marketing Hub and Content Hub. By using the Marketing+ Bundle, marketers can use Marketing Hub to generate leads and automate marketing activities, while centralizing their content creation and management in one place.

Marketing+ Bundle pricing:

Pricing marketing plus bundle

Want to learn more about the features and benefits of Content Hub? Are you curious about how this new tool can take your content strategy to the next level? Or do you simply want to discover how Content Hub can help you?

Contact us for a demo. Then together we'll turn your content into a success story with Content Hub!


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