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Website migration

Want to migrate your website to HubSpot CMS?

Do you want to truly integrate your website with marketing? Untangle the web of tools, plugins, and integrations. Convert your website to HubSpot CMS.

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Discover the benefits of HubSpot CMS


Why HubSpot CMS?


If you currently have HubSpot integrated with Wordpress, Drupal, or another CMS system, but find yourself facing some limitations.


Like fewer options for forms, no ability to set up A/B testing for website pages, or a lack of a clear dashboard for results—HubSpot is truly the CMS system built for marketers and content editors.


Define, expand, and refresh design modules

We analyze your pages, review your design, and define the building blocks needed for your website system. If necessary, we can also refresh your design.


Develop your website in HubSpot CMS

We develop a custom HubSpot theme, defining the overall website theme for typography and colors, and creating all necessary modules and page templates.

Migrate your website content and set up forms

We transfer the content from your current website to your HubSpot environment. We set up forms and ensure notifications where necessary. Additionally, we handle proper SEO technical migration.

Don't have HubSpot yet?  


Does it sound familiar? The maze of tools within your company? Hootsuite or Buffer for social media posting, another tool for building landing pages, Mailchimp for email campaigns, Calendly for calendar integration. WordPress, ..., Drupal or Wix as a CMS system.


HubSpot consolidates all of this into one user-friendly system. Discover the power of HubSpot. 

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Ingeborg de Hoop
Marketing Manager, Qpinch
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Bart de Moor
Sales & Marketing Manager, The Grain
author image
Charlotte Speecke
Marketing Manager, Squidll

"Fantastic collaboration with Koho Collective."

We asked KoHo to build a new website for us, starting from scratch as there wasn't much content. KoHo did a fantastic job. In just a few months, they built a comprehensive website for us, carefully listening to and addressing our preferences and needs. The communication with June and her colleagues was always pleasant, and queries were promptly addressed. Thanks for this great collaboration; we are very happy!

"Website migration with KOHO Collective means top-quality at a very fair price."

We look back on a very pleasant and smooth transition from WordPress to HubSpot CMS. KOHO guided us through the entire process in a professional and customer-friendly manner. Now, at The Grain, we are truly able to update and expand our website regularly in a user-friendly way. I can recommend both KOHO and HubSpot CMS to anyone who wants a fully integrated website with their CRM system.

"Fantastic collaboration with KOHO."

In December 2022, we took our first steps in launching 'Squidll'. KOHO has been instrumental in helping us develop our brand experience, our website, and our entire marketing strategy. I started working as a marketer for Squidll only in mid-January, and I look back on the collaboration with KOHO with a very positive feeling. They guided me through every step of the process to get to know HubSpot, both as a marketing and CRM tool. This has opened up an entirely new world of marketing possibilities for me. We continue to work closely together. A very pleasant collaboration!

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